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This package provides support for semantic URIs for objects using the tag URI scheme. These tag URIs are used to look up objects in an application, usually independent of their traversal path. These URIs, structured in a particular way, are called NTIIDs. When represented as strings, they use the Python text (unicode) type.

In the specific part of the URI, each NTIID includes a type. A type is essentially a namespace in which the rest of the specific part is to be interpreted. A set of known types are defined in nti.ntiids.ntiids, as are functions to parse and generate NTIIDs.

The set of types is extensible through zope.component registrations for important interfaces like nti.ntiids.interfaces.INTIIDResolver, which is registered by name for specific types of NTIIDs. No resolvers are provided by this package.

The package nti.ntiids.oids integrates with nti.externalization and serves as the hook used for external identifiers. These are derived from persistent ZODB object identifiers (“oid”) with support for multiple databases (a multi-ZODB).

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